Business IT Services in Albury Wodonga

Verafire focus our IT services in Albury/Wodonga and surrounding areas and specialise in small to medium businesses. We solve our clients’ toughest challenges by really listening to your needs and providing insight towards reaching your operational goals. We partner with top-tier vendors to drive innovation in your business, maximising your return on investment.

Experience Matters

After 20 years of experience consulting to small and medium businesses, and within the education sector, Verafire was born. A powerhouse of technical expertise with a long history of simply knowing what to do.
We simplify technology and make it work for you. This reduces operational costs and provides measurable gains in staff productivity. We love to give you back peace of mind to you, the business owner. No matter what IT support you need, Verafire has the expertise and technicians to help.

David Hynd, Owner,
Chief Technical Office

Domain Admin, Cyber-Security, Digital Forensics, Graphics and 3D Designer, Enterprise Engineer, VoIP, Cloud Services, Web Design, Strategic Management.



Verafire connect with other technical specialists and industry partners in supporting you.

We simplify technology and empower your business!

Verafire choose our partners very carefully as when we recommend them, it is also our reputation on the line. We also choose and use services from these companies to protect our data (and yours), keep us online (and you) and keep the phones ringing (and yours).

Frequently Asked Questions

The most important thing is to act and not wait. We recommend turning off any affected devices to stop the problems spreading. Then call us to coordinate a response.

We will step you through the process to get back to business ASAP with the absolute minimum impact possible. Furthermore we will recommend many simple ways to stop the hackers in their tracks.

We highly recommend Starlink for regional Internet. With speeds up to 160Mb and a very simple installation, why bother with the NBN. With a VoIP phone number or even accessing your mobile phone via Starlink with your carrier VoIP APP, there are solutions just waiting to solve your issue.

We use specialist software to ‘see’ the Wi-Fi signals around you. If you perhaps are on the same channel as too many others, this can seriously affect your connection quality and speed. Quite often, the solution is simple and makes a huge difference.

We partner with and recommend Microsoft 365 as the host of your domain-name email. Some accounts can be converted to shared mailboxes that do not have monthly charges, or they can be combined with another as an alias. We often find businesses paying hundreds per month for things they do not need. 

Having Computer issues?

Schedule an Onsite Appointment at Your Business Office and We’ll Help You By Really Listening to your challenges and goals.