Comprehensive Services for Small Business Customers

Verafire Technical Solutions are here to provided IT Services to Albury Wodonga and surrounding areas. Our IT services are designed for small to medium businesses with local support specialists on hand.
Our IT Services & Solutions are here to reduce costs and improve your business processes. No matter what you need, Verafire is here to help you get the most out of your IT investment.

Our Services

Managed IT Services

We take the hassle out of looking after your network. We update and protect your devices 24/7 so you don't have to. Why wait until it breaks, when a bit of planned maintenance would have kept your business operation running smoothly.

In general, managed services allow Verafire to deliver more benefit to your business for less costs and more predictability in operational costs. We prefer it as we can keep everything running smoothly, often with out-of-hours upgrades that protect you from work-day interruptions.

Network Infrastructure

It's not often that anyone calls to fitout a complete business from day one. Normally we're mixing and matching the right hardware into your network to make it better, simpler, with less overheads and cheaper to use.

We can design and install a network that meets your business needs and partner with AAPT, Encoo and others to deliver excellent value for money.

IT Security

All businesses need to be protected. We develop and implement IT solutions based on your needs - from email, endpoints to server protection.

We have years of experience dealing with the sneaky ways hackers get in, or simple ways staff make mistakes or decisions that owners wish they'd made and didn't.

Being vastly more secure is not that hard. It takes little time and does not cost that much.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Let's be frank, apart from the glossy promises - the Internet is the Wild-West, full of robbers and cowboys. Unless you plan to stay away from both, your bound to meet one of them, and they have no empathy. In a split-second, they will steal everything you have and you simply need to be protected. We see it all the time and it is never nice for a new client to deal. Then there is the cost of recover which can be 100x the cost of prevention.

We can tailor plans to suit your business and protect you from data loss and lack of business continuity.

Voice Services

We'll just say it - traditional phones are dead. Everyone has been forced to place their phones on the Internet - but most are still offering no more features than the old dead land-line.

VoIP telecommunications are a big value-add. Be connected whenever you want where ever you need.
We partner with Wiree, LocalCOM Encoo for a range of affordable and quality feature-rich services.

Cyber-Security / Hacking

Verafire help new customers weekly when they have been hacked, as unfortunately it is common. From a small retail shop that 'still' used all the same password for everything to the small business that had their Office365 hacked and over $100k stolen. We see it all and can offer very quick, very thorough service that can not only get you back trading but give you back peace of mind.

- The most important thing to do is act NOW.
- The second most important thing is to implement changes that would have prevented it in the first place

Remote Support

Don't waste time and money paying for travelling-time, where a Verafire technician can connect to you securely over the Internet quickly. We use Splashtop for remote support, where we can connect to PC's - MAC's - iOS and Android devices.

When you need an SOS, we'll be there to help.

Graphic Design

Stand out from the crowd with a tailor made graphics to suit your business. Verafire often creates great logos, website components, flyers, email footers, document templates etc

Have an idea in mind but not the skills? Let us bring it to life.

Our Rates

Managed Services

  • Cheaper
Great Value
Business Support
$ 110
  • Per Hour

Our Clients Say

Our Clients Say